Cybint Solutions introduces cyber security and cyber intelligence certification programs for financial, business professionals and attorneys

Discounted introductory pricing for companies and individuals offered through year-end


Nov. 13, 2017, NEW YORK — International cyber education and training leader Cybint Solutions, a BARBRI Group company, today introduced its Cyber Intelligence Certification (CIC) and Cyber Security Protection—Certification (CSPC) Programs for individuals, companies and higher education institutions.

These comprehensive certification programs, developed and taught by some of the world’s foremost cyber security/intelligence experts, are designed to provide critical tools and training to foster cyber proficiency for individuals across professions such as finance, law, tech and law-enforcement. Additionally, the Programs are offered to organizations to help them bolster employee expertise, and higher education institutions for incorporating into curricula.

“The cyber world today presents both threats and opportunities,” said Roy Zur, Cybint CEO and global cyber security and intelligence expert. “On the one hand, there is virtually no industry unaffected by cyber breaches or intrusions.  And unfortunately, 95 percent of all cyber breaches are due to human error. Workers are increasingly expected to have the skills to help protect themselves, their clients and their firms from cyber events.

“At the same time, the breadth of information and data stored in the Internet seems limitless, with new information constantly generated. Most individuals are only able to access 5 percent of the online information they need for their work. We know that those who can successfully navigate the Web to find the right information and intelligence can avoid crucial mistakes, and gain a competitive edge individually and for their organizations.

“The goal of our certification programs is to address both sides of the cyber world, preparing professionals to succeed and companies to benefit from this important infusion of talent and skill.”

Cybint’s cyber intelligence program focuses on training individuals on how to find and collect intelligence from around the Web, gain access to critical information that may be deleted or hidden deep in the Web, and then analyze their findings.  The security program focuses on improving professional and personal online and mobile security practices to better keep individuals and organizations secure, and on recovery from cyber events.

Both the cyber security and intelligence certification programs consist of training modules, assessment, certification and post-program tools. Using a “micro-learning” concept with short five- to10-minute learning units for maximum retention, each module is self-paced and interactive.  Each program provides theory and background of the concept or skill, demonstrates its use, then provides practice opportunities using real-life scenarios. Student progress is tracked, and at the end of training, a final exam to earn the certification is offered.  A suite of cyber tools, access to exclusive webinar content and other resources are available to participants after the course.

The Cybint certification programs were developed by Zur and a cyber team with more than a decade of experience in cyber education and a background in military cyber training. Zur is a retired Major from the Israeli Cyber Unit, practicing attorney and past legal adviser in the Israeli Supreme Court. He provides training to the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, international companies and a number of the nation’s leading financial institutions.

From now until of the month, Cyber Monday promotional pricing will be in effect for both programs. Individuals will receive a 60 percent discount when they type in cybermonday60 at checkout. Companies will receive a 30 percent discount per each employee signup by following this link and contacting a Cybint sales representative.  

About Cybint Solutions

Cybint Solutions is a collaboration between military-trained cyber security experts with more than a decade of experience, and the experts at leading legal education provider BARBRI. Cybint has created programs that address cyber security and intelligence at the individual and organizational level – creating a deep and powerful network of cyber expertise that goes far beyond typical technical expertise. Cybint is a trusted partner of private organizations and government agencies doing business around the world, including the U.S. government and some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

About The BARBRI Group

The BARBRI Group companies meet the legal education needs of law students and attorneys throughout their careers, and work to improve legal and professional learning by providing superior opportunities for law schools, law firms and law- and finance-related businesses. At the core of The BARBRI Group Companies is BARBRI Bar Review, which has helped more than 1.3 million lawyers around the world pass a U.S. bar exam. The company also provides online J.D., post-J.D. and international programs for U.S. law schools, and specialized ongoing training and certifications in areas such as financial crime prevention, eDiscovery and cyber awareness, security and protection. The BARBRI Group, founded in 1967, is a Leeds Equity Partners portfolio company headquartered in Dallas with offices throughout the United States and around the world.

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