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Introducing 10 entering law students, and their plans to change our world

May 3, 2019 – DALLAS – When we asked how entering law students hoped to use their law degree to change the world, nearly 1,100 entering law school students responded with answers as unique as their backgrounds, life circumstances, and career goals.

Today, 10 of those students were named as finalists for the 4th annual “One Lawyer Can Change the World Scholarship,” a $10,000 scholarship sponsored by BARBRI Law Preview, a BARBRI company.

The scholarship challenged students from across the country to submit a 500-word essay in response to the prompt: “How you hope to use your law degree to change our world and how would $10,000 towards your 1L tuition change your world?”  A BARBRI Law Preview panel selected the finalists and will announce a winner on Friday, June 7, 2019. The $10,000 award will be applied to the winner’s first year tuition, paid directly to his or her law school.

“If you find it difficult to turn on the news, always questioning whether this country is heading in the right direction, I can sympathize,” said Don Macaulay, president and founder of BARBRI Law Preview.  “As an antidote to the corrosive discourse that spills from the 24-hour news cycle, over the past few months, I have read hundreds of scholarship submissions, seeking hope from our next generation of lawyers. I can honestly say I’ve found it.  The selflessness reflected in this year’s applicants’ essays is remarkable. I challenge you to read how these future lawyers plan to positively impact our world and not be inspired.”

For instance, there’s William White, an entering student at Brooklyn Law School, who explains how his own experience living in New York City Public Housing fueled a desire to represent Veterans trapped in a dilapidated public housing system. Shiza Arshad, an entering 1L at Georgetown University Law Center, intends to leverage her experience as a domestic violence advocate to represent victims of domestic violence after graduation. Or, learn about how Grace Tepley, who’ll begin her 1L year at UC Berkeley Law School next fall, used a family health crisis to stoke her desire to implement permanent changes to our broken healthcare system.  The other seven semi-finalists? They’ll be attending George Washington University, Harvard, Loyola-Chicago, University of Chicago, University of Massachusetts, University of Michigan, and WashU – trust us, their stories and goals are equally impressive.

“The standard thing to say when describing the finalists in a contest like this is that ‘it’s a shame we can’t select everyone.’ As stale as that platitude is, it’s also true,” Macaulay said.  “We will certainly have a tough time picking a winner from such an impressive group.”

Want to help us decide?  If you’d also like to be a change agent — helping to change the world for one deserving law student — you can review the 10 finalists’ essays and anonymously suggest to whom we should award the $10k scholarship.  Site visitors’ votes and comments will not be displayed on the site and will not be dispositive of who will win, they will merely offer crowd guidance about who to pick.


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